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Gamer boy

Why your addiction to video games is what will get you a scholarship to the U.S.

Parents constantly hassling you about playing too many video games?... Đọc Thêm

19 November 2019
Girls studying

7 tips to remember when applying for boarding school

Preparing to apply to a U.S. boarding school will be much easier if you follow these 7 tips.

... Đọc Thêm
17 September 2019
Basic scholarship strategy for U.S. boarding schools

Basic scholarship strategy for U.S. boarding schools

Scholarships to U.S. high schools are generally reserved for only the most prepared students.... Đọc Thêm

14 August 2019
Graduate hugging

8 ways to show college admissions officials you actually care about their school

According to research by NACAC, 50% of universities in the U.S.... Đọc Thêm

14 August 2019

What are educational agents hiding from you?

It’s application season again for study abroad, which means working with agents to complete your application.... Đọc Thêm

14 August 2019



Alex & Matt talk study abroad

Matt and Alex sit down to talk a little bit about the Du Hoc Thanh Cong community and studying abroad in the U.S.A.



Chapel Hill-Chauncey Hall, or CH-CH for short, is an independent, college preparatory day and boarding school located in... Đọc Thêm

Waltham, Massachusetts


Gould Academy is a small, coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school located in the small town of Bethel,... Đọc Thêm

Bethel, Maine


Milton Academy is a boarding and day school in Milton, Massachusetts located 8 miles south of Boston. The proximity to B... Đọc Thêm

Milton, Massachusetts


Founded in 1945, San Joaquin Memorial High School is a private Catholic high school, and is part of the Roman Catholic D... Đọc Thêm

Fresno, California


The Hotchkiss School is a coeducational boardding school located in Lakeville, Connecticut, not far from Boston and New ... Đọc Thêm

Lakeville, Connecticut


The Walnut Hill School for the Arts is one of the three most prestigious arts schools in the U.S. Located in Massachuset... Đọc Thêm

Natick, Massachusetts

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